There's a lot going on right now. Chaos is the new normal. Yet despite all that, the construct of the free market continues to serve as a powerful focusing energy for millions of prolific outsiders, quietly peddling away in productive pursuits to make useful things that other people will enjoy. From a Shopify for restaurants to 3D image storage, these latest Pioneer companies are each improving a small corner of our Earth with meaningful and lucrative businesses.

Meet this month’s Pioneers spanning 6 countries on 4 continents:

Moneypool - Nacho Alvarez, Jerry Acuña
Venmo for LatAm

Venmo, PayPal, Square and other established money-sharing companies don’t operate in Latin America. Bookkeeping and expense-sharing is therefore a giant, unsolved pain for millions. Moneypool already has over 350,000 users to show for it.

Built first as a social network, Moneypool lets you easily share expenses 1:1 or within a group. Use it to save up for your next group vacation, SUV or ticket to SF.

Dunster - Jesse Casanare, Rahul Lakhanpal
Remote US incorporation

American corporations remain the most popular choice for new companies. As of late, incorporating in the USA has been hard; some companies have been waiting for over 6 months for their paperwork.

Dunster allows founders from anywhere in the world to incorporate their US business in as fast as 3 business days, even in the current conditions. They have the edge on other large organizations doing similar things the same way all startups do: by providing individualized, white glove service.

Unweave - Noorvir Aulakh
Versionable and collaborative data storage

Working with large scale data has traditionally required complex data pipelines, a nightmare of versioning and limited access to collaboration. Unweave aims to solve all three problems at once.

Unweave lets you interact and collaborate on large amounts of data as if it’s on your local computer. It’s like your laptop suddenly got infinite storage. Spend more time building, less time data engineering.

Phebos - Julian Meyer
Shopify for restaurants

Restaurants have moved en masse to delivery and takeout as a result of the pandemic. Phebos is capitalizing on this trend, helping restaurants reduce reliance on third-party delivery services, which are often unreliable and out-of-date.

With Phebos, restaurants can deploy branded apps and websites that easily integrate with existing order flows. Accept orders without the time and cost of developing a custom app.

Sentrei - Shun Kakinoki
Distraction-free virtual workspace

Soon gone are the days of Slack notifications, Zoom calls and infinite browser tabs. Sentrei is a virtual workspace for remote teams meant to keep you focused throughout the day.

No peripheral sounds. Asynchronous video chat. Persistent conference rooms. Gamified productivity through team-defined metrics and internal leaderboards.

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