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Pioneer's mission is to support founders everywhere earlier than anyone else on the planet. We make $20k investments, put our companies through a 3-month remote accelerator program, fly them out to San Francisco to spend a month together, and much more.

In our 4 years since launching, we've funded 300+ founders from 50+ countries who’ve gone on to raise over $200M. We’re almost always the first dollar invested in our founders; most haven’t even incorporated. Our companies have gone on to raise from Sequoia, a16z, Y Combinator, Khosla Ventures, General Catalyst, Village Global, and many more VCs & angels.

We're a small team of 5 who are optimistic we can find brilliance in places the world has overlooked.

One of our Pioneer Meals, including both team members and Pioneers, in 7 countries.
our challenges

Pioneer isn't just an accelerator—it's a generator. We want to motivate people to become the best versions of themselves, to take their crazy ideas more seriously, and to make betting on themselves less daunting. If we do what we've set out to, we'll not just fund successful startups that might not have otherwise worked out—we'll fund ones that wouldn't have existed at all.

We're constantly asking ourselves:

  • How do you reach ambitious outsiders who aren't in any mainstream communities?
  • How do you motivate people to take the leap to work on their own projects, and keep making progress?
  • How do you correctly identify impressive progress at scale?
  • What can we do to make our Pioneers as successful as possible?

If these problems sound interesting to you, reach out:

Working at Pioneer

We value autonomy over consensus, speed over correctness, and being different & experimental. If given the choice between a known good and a project that has a small chance of being wildly successful, we'll pick the latter. We're data-driven on our high-level numbers, but trust our instincts. We care more about output than setting rules.

The first Pioneer Summit, when we flew 25 Pioneers to San Francisco, and a recent park hangout. We're building a city on the Internet—but it's tough to completely replace in-person bonding!


We're not hiring at the moment.