Two years ago, Pioneer launched with the intent of finding and empowering ambitious outsiders around the world. An experiment in using software to create a city on the Internet for the brightest minds to flourish.

To date, we’ve funded 164 Pioneers from 43 countries. These are people of every experience level and demographic working on projects that could shape the future of how we live and work.

To name just a few:

These saplings are also showing signs of growing into mighty trees: Pioneer companies have gone from zero to hundred thousand dollar customer deals, and have raised from Y Combinator, General Catalyst, Khosla Ventures, Village Global, and many more. It’s early days, but we’re optimistic Pioneer can become a place where great companies are born.

We hope the value of Pioneer is akin to that of San Francisco, London, or Stanford. A place you can go to that expands your horizons and makes you the best version of yourself. We're trying to replicate the energy and optimism of Silicon Valley on the Internet, using software. In doing so, we hope to inspire the world’s current and future Pioneers to think bigger and move quicker.

If you have a project you’re tinkering with, you might find our tournament interesting. Give it a shot! Try the website here: or read more about the winners here.