Over the past century, Silicon Valley has gone from growing apple orchards to Apple headquarters. A technological wonderland that generates giant companies. It is a mystery to us whether we could rebuild such a generation-valley on the Internet, but that’s the experiment.

Here are some of the latest graduates from our online valley of progress. From automated freight shipping to ocean-faring drone ships:

Autobon AI - Krystian Gebis, Mateusz Kubak
Fully automated freight shipping

America’s $800B trucking industry is due for a major OS update. Autobon is automating the entire freight shipping process, from start to finish.

Their software ensures that high-value products (pharmaceuticals, hazardous materials, medical equipment, etc) make it on time and intact. Autobon’s fleet shares critical information in real-time, eliminating uncertainty around product loading, cargo damage and driver decision-making.

DeployNets - Pierre Ouannes
ML model deployment

Deploying ML models through AWS or GCP can be complicated. Simpler solutions exist, but they’re locked behind a closed platform. DeployNets makes embedding ML models in your product simple, giving you access to a scalable API in a few clicks.

Develop your model locally, upload to DeployNets, then immediately have access to a scalable API serving your model. No DevOps required. Teams can focus on developing the best model, while eliminating wasted hours configuring the environment.

Bash - Luke Barwikowski
Digital happy hours

The pandemic has forced social events online en masse. While we wait for the Oasis, we’re stuck with Zoom and an assortment of unrelated browser games.

Bash is a better way to host happy hours with your coworkers and friends. Users interact with each other in a N64-like gaming world that combines spatial video and audio to restore the magic of in-person get-togethers.

TabTab - Victor Cardenas, Kevin Bai
Collaborative Netflix subscriptions

People want access to more content than they can afford. The streaming wars have grossly inflated subscription costs, especially when taken in aggregate each month. TabTab is a means of saving money by easily sharing Netflix, HBO and other streaming service bills with friends.

TabTab will allow you to discover and access your friends’ subscriptions, view a history of your transactions and manage your micro-community of sharers with ease.

Remora Robotics - Zach Wadzinski, Dakota Newsome, Harrison Smith
Roomba for the Ocean

8 million tons of trash enter the world’s waterways every year; 90% of it remains uncollected and untracked. Current cleaning methods are manual and slow. Remora is building an autonomous drone-ship to clean waterways efficiently 24/7.

In addition to eliminating waste, the Remora tracks microplastics, pH, turbidity, and other water cleanliness factors that are difficult to track using the current methods.

Debtcollect - Bob Bass
21st century debt collection software

The debt collection industry is fairly arcane, untouched by tech and ripe for innovation. Debtcollect is a long-sought upgrade to this mostly-offline market, an API-first debt collection CRM which caters to under-served agencies and business models.

Bob ran a collection agency for 10 years and experienced the lack of adequate tooling firsthand. Debtcollect is an organic outcome of years of frustration and custom-built tools.

Prefix - Sid Garimella
No-code browser RPA

Despite years of hype, we think RPA remains an open field for innovation. Nobody has really made a lighter weight alternative to programming.

Prefix provides an enterprise-friendly, no-code solution leveraging secure local storage and flow charts, as opposed to scripts. Non-technical coworkers can understand and collaborate on automations, saving time and engineering energy.

Wombo - Jules Schenkel
Influencer officer hours

The era of brands as individuals is upon us. Most influencers make their money via sponsored ads, but brand deals are seasonal and smaller fish lose out on attractive offers. Wombo allows influencers to monetize their brand by hosting paid virtual meet-ups.

This is particularly attractive for creators with an audience of “1000 true fans” as it actually builds community while financing the next project, unlike ads and endorsements, which often deter new followers.

If these people and projects sound interesting to you, check out the full list: http://pioneer.app/winners. And if you’d like to earn your place on that list… just start playing: https://pioneer.app.