We’re excited to announce 6 new Pioneer companies this month!

AI-generated content for social media

Creating consistent and good content for social media takes time and money. Edward Tanoto is reducing that time to minutes at a fraction of the cost with Grammable. The AI-powered platform generates original media & text with the help of templates and personalized recommendations. From photos for Instagram to scripts for Tiktok, it’s got everything covered.

Intelligent data recall

We’re constantly consuming and acquiring knowledge. Diva helps you recall relevant information just when you need it by resurfacing notes from your browser history, Slack messages and more by answering questions from your own data.

The platform being built by Anish Thite ingests data from your digital library and intelligently shares contextually-relevant information without you having to search for it. Think of it like a second brain packaged in the form of a Chrome extension.

Search engine for people

Google is useful for looking up people you know. But what if you wanted to find people based on a hyper-focused set of criteria like "engineers that have built with Python and follow me or my investors" or "videographers in LA that follow Casey Neistat"?

Yusuf Parak is building a search engine that finds people by their skills, social graphs, interests, and experience.

AI-powered knowledge graph

Portal is a network of notes that builds a crowdsourced CRM as you write. The knowledge graph tool built by Matt Kochakian is simple, visual and provides context for files saved on the platform. Matt believes one day the easy-to-use tool could replace traditional file systems on computers.

Find the cheapest items on your shopping list

Rodrigo Pedrozo is making grocery shopping easier on the wallet. He’s built ClickSuper - a mobile app that scans nearby grocery stores for items on your shopping list with the lowest prices. Released in 18 cities across Brazil and expanding rapidly in more regions, ClickSuper already boasts a database of over 20,000 supermarket items for price comparison.

ML to reduce employee burnout

After seeing the effects of employee burnout firsthand, Osagie Johnson set out to rectify the problem. He’s building Skillet - a tool to help managers catch burnout before it happens. By analyzing the feedback and performance of technical workers using machine learning, it intelligently monitors and tracks an employee’s well-being boosting productivity & retention.

If these people and projects sound interesting to you, check out the full list: http://pioneer.app/winners. And if you’d like to earn your place on that list… just start playing: https://pioneer.app.