New year, new Pioneers! We'd like to introduce you to the latest cohort of Pioneer companies.

AI-assistant for meeting summaries

Ushering away the age of summarizing meetings from scribbled notes, Louis Morgner & Benedikt Böringer are building Jamie—an AI-powered assistant that intelligently produces high-quality meeting summaries in seconds.

Actionable feedback from people who matter

Zack Jablonski & Sam Schlesinger believe customer feedback can make or break a product – but it can be challenging to sift through feedback to find the golden insights that drive growth. Betterform lets you target the customers that matter, incentivize great responses with perks, and make informed decisions 10x faster.

Better vision for robots

Mark Mote, Matt Abate & Ben Mains are helping robots and autonomous vehicles see better. After having worked deeply in robotics (including two PhD’s), they realized the biggest unsolved problem in the field is in attaining better spatial awareness.  

Pytheia is working to solve this problem by designing software that allows any camera to understand what it's looking at.

Figma to code

Nushaine Ferdinand & Eshwara Chock from Canada are building that one Figma feature everybody wants: exporting your designs as code. Within seconds, you can get a code snippet of your Figma designs to paste into your website, newsletter, or app, without writing a line of code.

Clean your spreadsheets in minutes

Niels Andriesse & Patrick Pijnappel are building an AI-powered tool to clean & transform data in tables. Without having to code, it gives you the power of Python scripting for tabular data processing. Once you clean up 2-3 rows of data, Luminal will do the rest.

Subscriptions dashboard

To help plug those recurring leaks in your bank account, Emilio Sanchez is building Subly. The platform tracks all your subscriptions in one dashboard with reminders and smart recommendations designed to save you money.

Canva for podcasting

As a podcaster, Christos Alexiou from Greece was frustrated with jumping between different tools. So instead he built Podbeam: an end-to-end platform that handles everything from recording, editing, and publishing. Via in-built integrations on Spotify & YouTube you never have to leave Podbeam from the minute you start recording.

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