Meet the 9 latest Pioneer companies spanning time-series predictions in the cloud, automated ETL pipeline creation, audio feedback insights at scale, and more!

AI-suite for customer interaction products.

Alex and Sergei are building AskGuru to help businesses stand on the forefront of modern conversational AI when building their products. AskGuru provides tools for customer support automation, information search, and data insights.

Audio feedback insights at scale.

Ria and Sudip are helping businesses use audio feedback to understand complex sentiments at scale.

Scale your program across thousands of computers with one line of code.

Jake, Jack, and Joe are helping biotech companies scale python code across thousands of computers in the cloud, without hiring in-house technical talent.

ChatGPT for all your company’s documentation.

Alvaro is developing EnhanceDocs to provide easy and efficient internal documentation search using natural language.

Automated ETL pipeline creation using natural language.

Ross, Javier, and Serge are helping businesses simplify data engineering by converting natural language requests into comprehensive ETL pipelines and dbt models. Engraph uses natural language requests to automatically load the user’s relevant data into a destination warehouse and generate the required dbt models.

Fast time-series predictions in the cloud.

Chris and Daryl are building IndexHub to provide quick, efficient time-series predictions. With their lightning-fast time series prediction library, Functime, they aim to unbundle time series predictions from bulky enterprise software, providing a leaner, more efficient solution for businesses.

Self-hosted instant development environments.

Hugo and Grzegorz are helping large engineering teams with privacy needs self-host instant, ready-to-code development environments. Hocus eliminates time-intensive builds and overcomes security or legal limitations of cloud use by offering a self-hosted Gitpod and Github Codespaces alternative.

A no-code predictive & data analysis platform.

Vivan & Vignesh are building OpenOs, a no-code predictive and data analysis platform for marketing and product teams. Using natural language requests, OpenOs allows simple database querying, data dashboard creation, and provides automated predictive insights on key metrics such as churn and LTV.

Open-source LLM prompt development and deployment platform for traditional teams.

Ariel and Eylon are helping democratize AI for traditional engineering teams without any AI expertise, enabling them to develop and deploy LLM prompts. Pezzo streamlines prompt engineering by offering version control with instant delivery and intelligent self-improvement of generative AI operations for any provider or model.