Meet our latest Pioneer companies!

No-code storefront editor

Atelier is the storefront platform for the headless e-commerce ecosystem. At its core is a collection of customizable blocks based on top fashion and DTC stores.

Greg Fountoussov, Atelier’s founder, found a growing gap in the market while helping build his wife’s lingerie brand. The e-commerce world is quickly transitioning to headless, yet a headless storefront always means custom coding. Small businesses are left behind with outdated templates, and e-commerce marketing teams at large brands are slowed down by needing to go through developers.

Social Currant
TikTok Brand / Influencer Marketplace

With over 37 million Gen Z users, TikTok is the place to get their attention. But getting their attention isn’t as easy as posting a video. Enter Social Currant - a bridge between businesses and influencers. Ashwath Narayanan & Vidyut Ghuwalewala's software algorithm matches brands with influencers to create campaigns within days. Past campaigns have reached over 15 million users and boosted sales 8 times over.

Collaborative Loom for fixing bugs

When building web apps for clients Dan Cleary & Dalton Pierce found a lot of time was spent communicating website bugs and feedback. To accelerate the process, they built a tool to simplify and automate reporting website feedback. Tether integrates into existing workflows by bringing screen recordings, bug reports, and feedback together in one collaborative channel.

Unchurn customers via text

What if you could talk to that customer that added all those items to cart, but never checked out? Enter SmartRecover, built by Jade Samadi, which wins back churned customers via SMS. Personalized messages sent by real humans have helped businesses increase conversion rates by over 30%.

Get Roasted
Funnier Cameo

Birthday greetings from celebrities will make your friend smile, but what about something that makes them laugh out loud? Adam Young built Get Roasted to let you pay celebrities to make fun of your friends. It’s Cameo, but funnier.

No-code NFT AND Web3 builder

When an NFT weekend project brought in $19k in sales and an explosion in the press, Kai-Hsiang Chang knew he was onto something. It inspired him to create a no-code platform for artists interested in Web3 for them to have their “story of success” like himself. With an easy-to-use interface it lets anybody create an NFT or Web3 app in minutes without writing a line of code.

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