Announcing five new Pioneer companies from all corners of the earth, wielding lightning-level grades of industriousness.

Paytalent - Tobi Olagoke, Grace Chiamaka
Fiat payments in Africa

The vast majority of founders in Africa seem to be building crypto-based fintech services, but the team at Paytalent is tackling a more fundamental concern: paying employees in cash. Sending money to Nigerian freelancers is circuitous, at best. A series of steps and accounts that can take many weeks for a single paycheck to arrive, if at all.

Paytalent solves African freelancing with a process management product that includes invoicing, contracts and escrow services for immediate money withdrawal. Asana meets Letsdeel for Africa’s remote workforce.

Utterly - Ben Nur, Malika Nurbekova
AI-powered denoiser

Most video conferencing and recording apps have a denoiser built-in. Utterly is a desktop-level plugin that removes the need to toggle those settings app-to-app. Smoothly move between Zoom, Slack, Google Meets, Loom and Streamlabs without fear of disruption.

Utterly operates on both input and output, so you can easily remove background noise of other callers with a single click. It is an all-encompassing denoiser enabling people to call, record and livestream from anywhere in the world.

Bender Games - Bryan Cooper, David Flowers
AR multiplayer game engine

As video game popularity rises, so too does the demand for new and better immersive technology. The team at Bender Games was selected for their work building the next layer of gaming infrastructure, a multiplayer game engine purpose-built to operate with real world imagery.

Bryan and David have been developing AR applications since ARKit was released on iPhone in 2017. The future their building puts AR and mobile devices at the center of the gaming industry.

Glenstack - Ragnor Comerford, James O'Donnell, Greg Brimble
GitHub for databases

Despite advances on the front end, we lack robust no code platforms for your data. Glenstack is a one-stop-shop to publish, collaborate on and monetize your datasets without need of an engineering team.

Users can create a database in seconds, enrich it with GitHub Action-like tools, then offer Substack-esque dataset subscriptions. Invite your teammates to work alongside or open-source the set to the Glenstack community.

Bugshare - Uchenna Okafor
Autocorrect for engineers

Developers spend much of their time manually scouring the web for solutions to errors in code. The Bugshare Chrome Extension handles that for you by scraping the web for reliable answers, then automatically suggesting the fix in your code as you go along. To hammer home its usefulness, they’ve built out a real-time analytics dashboard that concretely demonstrate hours and dollars saved while on the job.

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