Pioneers are still tirelessly working on big projects and small companies that solve concrete problems for real people. From better tools for personal productivity, to improved livestreaming, to finance apps that could power a continent, meet this month's batch of diverse projects:

Werbot - Dmitry Shurco, Inna Ponamarchuk
1Password for servers

Managing server access is unnecessarily annoying. Existing solutions are difficult to operate, expensive to install, and have limited functionality.

Werbot is a SaaS platform that allows server owners to manage exactly who has access to servers and track all actions through screen recordings. With Werbot, you can safely give server access to freelancers or employees.

Flux - Ben Eluan, Ose Orukpe
Paypal for Africa

Ben and Ose want to make sending money, receiving money, and making and accepting payments 10x easier in Africa. They’re doing this with Flux, a mobile app currently released on Android. They use a stable coin for instant cross border money transfers into the continent.

They're moving quickly. Still in beta, they've processed thousands in transactions. They operate with all major and some smaller banks in Nigeria. Soon, Flux will be available in Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Egypt.

Matt - Kirill Averianov
Hyper-powered Animoji

Making custom face filters is difficult. You need to install complicated desktop software, know 3d graphics editing, and how to work with Facebook’s custom Spark AR software.  Matt is an iOS app that allows people to create face masks like those from Instagram and Snapchat and discover ones created by other people.

They recently pivoted to a live streaming app that’s 10x more interactive than existing platforms. Something’s working, because users created 1300+ in just the last week, less than a month after they pivoted.

Taskable - Matt Johnson, Tomasz Krakowiak
A unified to-do list

You sit down to work. Time to finish that task from Trello. Or was it something someone pinged you about on Slack? Or maybe it’s something you missed in your inbox? Slack, email, Trello - there are too many work related apps out there. With many of these apps come many todos, and keeping track of them over many different platforms is exhausting.

Taskable aggregates all your files, tasks, and communications from all your work apps into one source of truth. Now, you don’t have to constantly check across multiple collaboration tools and constantly context switch to get your work done.

Plutoview - Arkadiy Baltser
Remote co-browsing

It’s very difficult for students to research together. Skype and Zoom allow you to share your screen, but don’t allow you to interact with the web content itself. The constant tab switching makes group research time consuming and annoying.

Plutoview allows you to access someone’s browser no matter where you are. Instead of just sharing the screen, it actually recreates the browser window on other users’ devices. Now, multiple people can view and interact with the browser in real time.

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