Meet our latest Pioneers, spanning from a GOAT competitor to a Webflow for ML.

Bluu - Oscar Rojas Guerrero, Javier Mendez
Influencer ecommerce for LatAm

Latin America has the highest share of internet users whose online shopping behavior is influenced by social media at over two-thirds of the online population. Yet existing solutions like Avon, Yambal and Herbalife limit social sellers to 20 clients.

Bluu is a marketplace that connects suppliers with sellers at a 10x higher ceiling of 200 clients. They simultaneously solve the pain points of inventory, payment collection and fixed commissions, which has driven 83% MoM growth.

Emcee - Robrecht Le Roy, Jibril Gudal, Darrell Adjei
Twitch meets Shopify

Livestream shopping is massively popular in Asia, and grows steadily in US & European markets thanks to the pandemic. To compete, large ecommerce and social platforms are adopting the technology. Emcee is a Shopify widget that integrates with your store like an Intercom button.

Hosts have all the power of a Twitch streamer. They can answer questions live and announce products & giveaways, enriching the customer experience and, ultimately, converting more sales.

Paraglide - Palash Shah
Webflow for ML

No other player building ML tools is focused on collaboration between non-technical users and engineers. Paraglide is a platform that lets you create, customize, and collaborate on automated AI workflows in minutes.

Currently, Paraglide is an API, built around a JSON grammar file. You can work with the grammar -- natural language representations of common ML tasks -- to override the parts of the machine learning pipeline that you want.

Sneakerlist - Brian Byun
Hyperlocal sneaker marketplace

Existing sneaker marketplaces like StockX & GOAT are not designed to be social or personal. Sneakerlist is the hyperlocal solution. On Sneakerlist, buyers and sellers can chat directly, join discussion forums and purchase from on another directly.

The streamlined selling experience is bolstered by a simple inventory flow for sellers, buyer/seller rating systems and the ability to follow your favorites.

Termy - Marton Langa
IntelliSense for your Terminal

Terminals haven't evolved much since the 80's and the learning curve remains steep. Beginners need a better alternative. Termy is a cross-platform solution that combines Hyper terminal and Nushell shell technologies to aid developers in the early days.

The key difficulty is in command line discoverability, which Termy solves by providing helpful autocompletions. Late last year, Marton built the first prototype of Termy in our Terminal Challenge.

Brainsprays - Lorenzo Carver, Isabella Carver-Yi
Alexa education for kids

Brainsprays offers smart speaker lessons to teach 2-5 year olds how to read and multiply like 7-10 year olds. Proof of concept is Lorenzo’s daughter Isabella who is solving polynomial equations before 5. A first of its kind on the Alexa marketplace, Brainsprays currently sees over 8,000 lesson installs per month.

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