Codex is a collection of the best writings & videos on taking a project from Idea to Seed:

Many founders ask the same questions early on. Should I commit to my project full-time? Should I fire my employee? How do I go about raising my first round?

Thoughtful answers have been written to all of these. But if you don't know where to look or who to ask, they can be hard to find. You might go to Google, only to find the best resources are usually buried.

Codex directly answers 100 of the most common questions we've heard across thousands of conversations with early founders, including:

  • Curated advice on product, growth, fundraising, and more.
  • Links to the best articles & videos we've found on every topic.
  • Clips from Pioneer AMAs & office hours with Avichal Garg, Laura Deming, Daniel Gross, and other founders & investors. Some content is restricted to Pioneers only.

Sneak peek

When is the right time to go full-time?

"I'd think about it a little bit less from a numerical standpoint, and a little bit more from an enjoyment standpoint. If you find yourself thinking about it in the shower, then commit yourself full-time to it."

- Daniel Gross, office hours (video)

How do I sell a B2B product?

"The same product can be sold for $50, or $5,000,000–and the price comes down to how much value the buyer is getting from the software. As long as the buyer sees it as a positive return on investment, it’s worth it to pay the price."

- Calvin French-Owen (Read: How to sell a B2B product)

How do I logistically go about fundraising?

"Founders under prepare their process and assume investors will tell them what to do and what to give them in order to get a deal done."  

- Ben Milne (Read or Listen: How to run a fundraising process)
"NEVER underestimate a cold email/DM/etc."  

- Jake Cooper (Read: Crash Course in Capital)

Pioneer Codex is a living document. We'll continue to add and subtract resources as they appear and fade from relevance. The strength of it, therefore, is up to you and everyone else using it!

In that spirit, please send us anything (videos, articles, threads, Reddit posts, etc.) we're missing to

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