We're air-dropping cryptocurrency to Pioneers. The Stellar Development Foundation will award winners of our second tournament $6,000 in lumens in addition to the Pioneer investment ($5,000 with the possibility of a $100,000 follow-on).

Apply for the October Tournament here:


Pioneer is an experiment in building an online game for productivity. We launched this August.

The Harvard campus is a wonderful place to nurture and grow. It affords its inhabitants a network of other like-minded people, an invaluable stamp on their resumes and encouragement to take their passion more seriously. We want to instill those virtues in an online game that anyone can play — not just the elite that make it to the Ivy League.

By funding the best players of our game, we hope to surface and support the millions of "Lost Einsteins" around the world — creative outsiders who have tremendous creativity and energy but lack opportunity. Each month we start a fresh tournament of our game. We just closed our first.

Partnership with Stellar + October Tournament

As we grow, a surprising challenge we face is getting money to our Pioneers. Turns out sending small amounts of money around the world is hard. Which is why we're really excited about our new partnership with Stellar.

The Stellar foundation is joining us in funding Pioneers. Winners of the October Tournament will get $6,000 in lumens in addition to the Pioneer investment ($5,000 with the option of a $100,000 follow-on). $1,000 lumens will be completely unlocked and $5,000 locked up for two years.

Excitingly, Pioneers will get their lumens before the dollars arrive. This really speaks to the power of the Stellar network.

Human potential is one of the world’s most underestimated resources. With the start of the October Tournament, we hope to amplify the work of extraordinarily talented people and accelerate the progress of pioneering ideas.

The October Tournament opens today. Apply here: