Socrates and Plato. Max Planck and Albert Einstein. Mike Markkula and Steve Jobs. Across almost all innovators one thing is common: a connection to another innovator. That person acts as a kind of rocket booster, enabling the young, unknown outsider to achieve stratospheric levels of success and change our world.

Our mission is to find the most leveraged way to launch more people-rockets into space. Board Builder is our way of operationalizing this principle.

With this new feature, players in the Pioneer Tournament can assemble a board of advisors for themselves, just like a company would. Our catalog of characters include people like Dylan Field (CEO of Figma), Shola Akinlade (CEO of Paystack), Josh Tobin (OpenAI), Devon Zuegel (GitHub) and many others.

Board Builder is unlocked when a Pioneer player reaches our Top 100 leaderboard. Once you assemble yours, you’ll be able to message the board just about anything. They’ll be able to award you points if you’re doing particularly well and (like Yelp or Uber ratings) you’ll be able to rate them, too.

Pioneer was built to find unconventional people who don’t fit in and help them achieve extraordinary work. If you want to experiment with a project, give it a shot.

Winners of our Tournament get a ticket to Silicon Valley, $1,000 in cash, $100,000 in Google Cloud Credits, $6,000 in Stellar lumens and much more. All it takes to apply is a few keystrokes. The February Tournament closes next week. Apply now: