The story of global progress isn’t written by lone actors. It’s often a collection of small groups that change the world. Things are easier with friends. They hold you accountable. They cause you to punch above your weight.

We’re turning this insight into software. Pioneer is going multiplayer with a new feature called Houses. Houses let you invite a few friends you think are promising to your scene and play the Pioneer Tournament, together. House scores will be based on the point average of the group. At the end of the tournament, players in the best-performing House will each get $1,000 (in addition to anything else they might win individually).

This is the perfect chance to work alongside someone you think might be great, even if you’re pursuing different projects. (You can still win Pioneer in single-player mode.)

You have until Sunday night to build your House. Game on! Get started here:

P.S. Secret cheat-code: you’ll get extra points if you invite Housemates that aren’t already active in the Pioneer Tournament.