We originally shaped Pioneer as a search engine for finding productive, ambitious people early on in life.

You often get your best insights from your users, and Pioneer has been no exception. Much like climbing a mountain or hiking a trail, our players found the journey as equally important as the summit. They enjoyed the motivational benefits of the Pioneer leaderboard, the weekly structured updates, etc, even when they didn't win. They wanted that all the time.

We've been bad at delivering that, since Pioneer tournaments only run every 6 weeks. You shouldn't have to wait 6 weeks to play. You should be able to come to the website, click join, and go. And starting today, you can do just that.

Pioneer is now open 24/7. Sign up at any time. Here's how it works:

  • Visit pioneer.app and click “play now”.
  • Start collecting points by completing Quests.
  • Submit a progress update once a week.
  • Your score is driven by your performance on our Quests.
  • Play better, chart better.
  • Once you place in the Global Top 50, you’ll be eligible for review by one of our experts.
  • Experts periodically select new winners from the Top 50 on an ongoing basis, usually every week.

Level yourself up and get started now: pioneer.app.