Meet the 6 latest Pioneer companies building products spanning AI voice agents, legal co-pilots, automated cold-video outreach, and more!

The fastest way to deploy AI phone agents.

Casey, Torrey, and David are helping businesses automate customer conversations with AI voice agents.

The fastest cloud-based proactive AI interface for Mac.

Tye and Sulaiman are building the fastest proactive & private AI interface.

AI powered legal platform making lawyers more efficient.

Will and Dillon are helping founders and lawyers drastically reduce lead time by gathering context and drafting docs with an AI powered legal copilot.

AI data tool that finds actionable business insights across all metrics.

Jacky is helping businesses quickly ramp up their data maturity, without the need to spend millions on data headcount.

AI-personalized sales videos.

Ashwin and Eric are helping companies automate video outreach at scale with AI video generation.

AI-powered Chrome extension for Google Meets

Ruslan, Dima, and Alex are helping knowledge workers easily record, transcribe, and summarize meetings.