Submit project description · Due Sunday April 7th 11:59pm PDT
You’ll describe yourself and your project. You can enter alone or with teammates.
Vote on projects · Monday April 8th
Other players & Pioneer Experts will also vote on your project. Players will only see some of your responses.
Submit weekly updates · Due every Sunday
You’ll submit a progress update once a week.
Vote on updates · Every Monday
Get points from other players based on your progress. The more impressive your work, the higher your score will be.
Become a Pioneer
Players with the highest score will receive the Pioneer offer: $1,000 in USD, $6,000 in Stellar lumens, $100,000 in Google Cloud credits, a round-trip ticket to Silicon Valley, and more.
Presentation Day & beyond
After 3 months, Pioneers will present their work during a “Presentation Day”, which will be streamed live online.