Enter with a project
Tell us what you're working on. You can enter alone or with teammates.
Submit weekly updates · Due every Sunday
You’ll submit a progress update once a week.
Vote on updates · Every Monday
Get points from other players and experts based on your progress. The more impressive your work, the higher your score will be.
Play for at least 2 weeks
After submitting 2 consecutive progress updates, you’re eligible to become a Pioneer. We'll notify you of your status then.
Become a Pioneer
Place in the Global Top 50 on the leaderboard to receive an expert review. Experts will select who receives the Pioneer offer: $1,000 USD, $6,000 in Stellar lumens, $100,000 each in AWS & Google Cloud credits, a round-trip ticket to Silicon Valley, exclusive mentorship, and more.
Pioneer Livestream & beyond
After 3 months, Pioneers will present their work to investors, grant foundations, and the broader Pioneer community at the Pioneer Livestream.