The Pioneer Offer

We have a standard deal for Pioneers: 1% of your company. In exchange, you’ll receive:
  • Access to a network of elite founders.
  • A 2-month remote startup accelerator program. Our team, with help from our network of advisors, will mentor you on the basics of starting a business, fundraising, product-market fit, hiring and more.
  • Free Stripe Atlas company formation.
  • Mentorship from some of the world’s most successful individuals.
  • Participation in the Pioneer Demo Livestream, which may help you fundraise.
  • A free round-trip plane ticket (and help with associated logistics) to Silicon Valley.
  • $100,000 in AWS credits.
  • $1,000/month in GitHub Enterprise credits for 2 years
  • Up to $3,500/mo in Plaid credits for 6 months.

And a growing set of perks including Segment, Mixmax, Twilio and more.

At our discretion, we’ll offer Pioneers the chance to advance to any of three other levels:

  • Pioneer Gold: Get $20,000 in exchange for 5% of your company.
  • Pioneer Platinum: $100,000 in exchange for 5% of your company.
  • Pioneer 1M: $1M in exchange for 10% of your company.

If you become successful, you'll help us fund promising Pioneers in perpetuity.

Upon selection, we will help you to work out the best process for creating a US company (or US parent company) in which we can invest. If you already have an incorporated company, these investment terms still apply. All Pioneers are required to be incorporated as a United States C Corporation.

We don’t charge any other fees for the program. You are not obligated to accept this offer if you're a Pioneer Tournament winner.