Help upload the real world to the Internet. Work on something to make the experience of working on the web more fun for the billions staying at home. Overlay heart-rate on Zoom calls. Improve video conferencing quality. Build a Tandem competitor, one for friends rather than coworkers. The stage is yours.

11am PST, Sat

April 11

1pm PST, Sun

April 12

What’s in it for me?
We have a prize pool of $5k, and over $150,000 in Google Cloud, Segment, and Render credits. You’ll also have the opportunity to get your project reviewed by an industry expert. More importantly, you’ll meet hackers from around the world.
I’m already working on a project in the Pioneer Tournament. Can I join?
Yes — but with a new project! Competing with an existing project is not allowed. Hackathons are an excellent petri dish for testing a new side project, or for a trial run with a potential co-founder.
How will it work?
Judging takes place over two rounds. First, you’ll submit your project for voting by fellow hackers. Judges will select 10 teams from the top 50 by votes to participate in livestreamed finalist presentations, just like the one we run for our Pioneers. You’ll demonstrate your work for 2 minutes to a panel of judges and a live audience. Winners will be selected based on a combination of judge & audience votes.
What’s special about this hackathon?
You won’t just be hacking away from your bedroom. You’ll be in a virtual conference center, where you can meet and work alongside fellow developers. Some of our events include:
  • AMAs with industry experts
  • Mini challenges to secure a spot in the top 50
  • Mini pitch sessions to get people to vote for your project submission
  • “Meet the competition” community rooms
  • A Slack workspace to ask questions and post updates
What's the schedule?
We’ll share a more detailed schedule in the coming days. The event will run from 11am Saturday 11th April to 1pm Sunday 11th April PST.
Is there a maximum team size?
At most 4 people per team.
Where can I find updates?
We’ll have a Slack workspace open for communication, a forum to share your projects, and 24/7 Twitter support!
What if I don’t have a team?
We’ll have a channel on Slack for you to pitch your idea and find teammates.
Registration has closed.
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