Zendesk Challenge

In 4 weeks, we’re investing $10,000 in the best Zendesk 2.0. We’ve talked to enterprise customers with a combined value of over $50B. They all agree: Zendesk is bad. Over the next month, they’ll vote on projects to narrow down the field. At the end, the winner of the Pioneer Challenge will receive warm introductions to those customers in addition to the investment.

Deadline to register: Sunday May 17th, 11:59pm Pacific.


May 18


June 19

What do I get if I win?
The winning team will be incorporated into a company, along with a $10,000 investment for 5% of the company. We'll refer you to the five customers that have been rating your progress. We can't promise anything, but we're optimistic this should smooth the process to closing a sale.
What if I refer the winner?
If you refer the winning team to us, we'll grant you 0.5% equity in the company. You'll need them to register with a unique link you can generate for yourself here. There might be extreme circumstances where we can't grant you the equity (depending on the country you're in, for example). We'll attempt to exhaust all reasonable legal options to make good on this.
How does this work?
Your goal is to build a better Zendesk. Submit your weekly demo to Frontier by Fridays. On Saturdays, we'll show your work to prospective enterprise customers. They'll vote on who makes the cut. The winner turns into a company and receives a $10k investment.
How do I know what to build?
We compiled a shortlist of features from customers to get you started. These ideas are just suggestions. Spend some time talking to users, asking them about their problems, and build a product around it.
Can I submit more than one update a week?
Yes. We'll take your latest update at the end of the week.
Do I need co-founders?
No! You can get started alone. Our introductory audio-only call might be a fun way to meet others in a low-key fashion, if you'd like.
Who decides who makes the cut?
The team at Pioneer and our customers. Each week, we'll take the top posts on Frontier (as voted on by the audience) and send them to our customers for review. We will be heavily biased on what the customers like – their approval means you're on track to building something interesting.
If I win, am I guaranteed a sale?
No, but we think you're significantly more likely to close given you've been "pitching" the customers for over a month.
I've already been working on this for years, can I apply?
Sure! Anyone is welcome.
I'm already in the Pioneer Tournament, how does this interact with winning the normal tournament?
Dual victory conditions is a bit of a non-goal. We recommend that you either (a) continue in the normal tournament, working on anything you'd like or (b) completely shift to trying this challenge. Doing both simultaneously would be hard.
Who are the customers?
These companies are large, and as such don't lend their logos easily for publicity. We're going to keep them anonymous for the length of this challenge, and offer warm introductions to the winner.
What if I have more questions?
Email us at team@pioneer.app.


Submissions are closed. Check out the entries on Frontier.