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Daniel Gross

Let’s work on a draft for Alex. Send me what you'd send him.

Alright, drafting now...

Alex, it was great to meet with you earlier this week.

We are currently raising our pre-seed round with an initial tranche of about $200k and, based on our conversation, if you feel like this is something up your alley, we can move forward. We’re due to launch V2 soon, and things are moving faster than we thought.


How about this?

Balaji Srinivasan

Are there any particular games you've been targeting?

Yeah. We've been talking to the developers of 2 VR games.

Got it. The reason I ask is it's sometimes nontrivial to retrofit an existing game for something as new as this.

You might consider talking to a publisher about a low-risk new edition of an existing game that has your software built into it.

Joshua Schachter

What's the motivation for people to vote on answers?

Motivation I imagine is getting an unanswered question answered.

People who are searching for answers to questions that are generically answered in the documentation are probably powered by laziness. Asking them to do more is probably difficult?

If downvoting triggers a new answer getting generated it seems like incentives are aligned?

Daniel Gross

We need to get you coverage. Will help you close sales and hiring.

Okay, will get on a call with the media team. They said they needed more information etc.

At this point I would only take more money from folks that can help you with GTM.

Wait, GTM is go to market, right?

I will print this out for your IPO.

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